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Learn SEO in just 5 simple steps. The course will cover all the basic and advanced SEO topics.

Free Training Certificate

After completing 15 days SEO training course, we will provide you a Free training certificate.

Lifetime Access

We provide free lifetime access to all the resources which includes training videos, downloaded PDFs and free templates.

So How Does It Work?

Step 1

SEO Basic

In the 1st step, you will learn the basics of search engine optimization.

* Website indexing and ranking
* How to choose keywords
* Website structure
* Website pages optimization
* Link building
* Avoiding black-hat SEO
* Social media optimization

Step 2

Keyword Selection

In 2nd step, you will learn how to choose high-value keywords for a website.

* How to choose keywords
* Analyzing competitor websites
* How to choose long-tail keywords smartly
* Evaluating Competitor Site Structures

Step 3

On-Site Optimization

In the 3rd step, you will learn how to optimize a web page to rank better on Google.

* How to optimize page title tags
* How to optimize page description tags
* Optimizing heading tags
* Optimizing paragraph tags
* How to optimize website images
* Images ALT and title attributes
* Handling page duplicate content
* Avoiding content violations and write fresh content

Step 4

Link building

In the 4th step, you will learn how to boost your digital footprint and optimize off page factors.

* How to build quality backlinks
* Content marketing
* Web directory links
* Forum posting
* Blog commenting
* Guest posting
* Traffic via Video marketing
* Traffic via Directories
* Infographic submission

Step 5

Other SEO Modules

In the last and 5th step, you will learn about other SEO important module, which includes.

* Google search console
* How to create Robots.txt
* How to generate and submit website XML Sitemap
* Blog importance
* Website mobile optimization
* Google analystics
* Monitoring bounce rates
* SEO project management


What previous SEO experience required for this course?

None. In our SEO course, no previous SEO experience required. This course is for the beginner.

What is the duration of your SEO course?

The total duration of the course is 15 days. which includes 5 days of practice and revision.

Do i need to have strong IT skills?

No. You don’t need to have any IT skills required to learn this course.

How many people attend this course?

Not more than 8 candidates per class.

I have some other concern.

You can email us directly on [email protected] email id.

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