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Web Design & Development

Your website is the “Face” of your business. Our web designing team's main goal will be to enhance your business’ presence on the Internet. Mobiles/Smartphones are now the preferred platform for doing business, we craft our websites to be responsive and accessible across all devices.

Over the years, we have successfully developed various websites on some of the well-known platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Codeigniter, Laravel, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify etc. We love what we do and are constantly endeavouring to create designs that are refreshing and stunning.




WordPress Development

WordPress is a very popular website publishing software used for creating an e-commerce website, business website, simple basic website, education website, portfolio website, video publishing website, blogs and various others. It provides rich features like widgets, plugins, themes that make the work of the developer easy in building creative and result driven website.




E-Commerce Website Development

In the digital era, the scope of selling online is just seamless. But the success achieved from the same hugely depends on the quality of e-commerce website developed. So, we at SEO Buckinghamshire help you building a high-quality E-Commerce website from scratch. Our prominent web developers are well versed in all the major e-commerce web development platforms including Magento, Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, Woocommerce and etc.






Joomla Web Development

Joomla is a PHP based award-winning content management system used to develop websites and applications across the globe. At SEO Buckinghamshire we create powerful enterprise level Joomla websites. Websites built on Joomla are SEO friendly, highly secure and responsive. Our talented team of developers assists our clients across the globe to enhance their website functionality with Joomla CMS.




Magento Web Development

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform written in PHP and empowering 200,000 + online stores. The platform offers many features, is fully customizable and has a very high level of security. Our highly experienced Magento development team is capable of creating extended functionality that will drive in more sales and conversions in your business.






Shopify Web Development

Shopify is the perfect e-commerce platform for your online business. It is the best web publishing e-commerce platform and widely by thousands of developers across the world.
Its simplicity and user-friendly behaviour are what pleases websites developers, and business owners. We have a team of extremely endowed Shopify developers to enrich your e-commerce experience.


Our Website Portfolio

Why Us?

SEO Buckinghamshire is one of the Top Website Design companies in the UK, helping businesses across the globe improve the performance and security of their websites.

We also offer the best and reasonable Website Maintenance Services Packages that help optimize your Website and bring you the best results, like we have with our clients.

What Makes Us Different?

SEO Buckinghamshire is a Full Service Creative and Digital Agency, we cater to your digital and branding needs. In addition with our Website Design Services, we also provide:

  • Creative & Branding Consulting
  • Social Media & Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Conceptualization & Execution of Ad Campaigns
  • Website Maintenance
  • E-commerce Development

Dominate Your Market with & boost customer engagement with our SEO-ready website design services

Having a global reach is very vital in today’s digital world. An efficient and methodical website is all you need for having a global reach. SEOBuckinghamshire with its designing team will greatly enhance your business’s presence on the Internet.

Based on 5 reviews
Blessed Bhawna
Blessed Bhawna
Our partnership has grown exponentially with SEO Buckinghamshire over the years and they've also done a lot to shape the client experience with having a dedicated point of contact, direct access to developers, and more. They are quick with turn arounds, the quality is excellent and they've definitely been a fantastic partner to work with! Best Wishes from JMD Divine Consortium
Flower Vogue
Flower Vogue
The team did an amazing job on my website and branding, I’m so pleased! I get so many compliments and positive feedback from my customers visiting my new website. It was a pleasure to work with such a friendly professional team. I cannot recommend enough! thank you Amit & Divya!! 🙏🏼
Richard Stewart-Liberty
Richard Stewart-Liberty
Excellent service by all, thank you.
Andy Bedwell
Andy Bedwell
We had a solid and comprehensive review of our web presence with plenty of ideas to improve it. Thanks for the help!
rajesh gupta
rajesh gupta
SEO Buckinghamshire has helped me develop my business greatly with their professional assistance in website management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the important FAQs.

What is a Web Design Agency?

A web design agency helps you with the visuals of your website. They’re a team of innovative people who help your business go online with ease and reach new audiences, and new customers, and eventually enhance your business growth.

What are the different tasks a web design agency does?

A web design agency is a business you hire to create, design, and launch your business website with ease. A web design company identifies the goals of a website or webpage and promotes them online. There are a few steps it takes to get there and some of them are :

1. Discussing Business Goals With the Client
2. Finding the Best CMS or Framework to Start the Project
3. Planning, Coding, and Developing Internet Sites and Web Pages
4. Website Testing (Finding Errors & Resolving Them)
5. Website Launch (Making it Live)

How much does it cost to build a website?

The cost of web design services varies and depends on lots of factors like website type (like Static website, E-commerce store, or other), project duration, CMS or framework type (like WordPress, Shopify, Magento), and many more.

The average cost for a custom WordPress website stands between around $2,000-$20,000 based on the project scope and duration.

What should I look for in a web design agency?

Here are a few important checklists to know before choosing a web design agency:

1. Web Design Agency’s Portfolio

2. Industry Experience

3. Website Features

4. Web Design Agency’s Reviews (Client Testimonials)

5. Website maintenance fees for the long run.

Why does every business need a website?

It’s a digital world. The number of internet users is increasing every day and people are finding their requirements online. Based on recent research around 97% of the people searched online to find a local business near them.

So having a professionally designed business website is very important these days. Because your website will be available to your customers 24/7/365 days even when you’re not.

Which platform is best for website making?

There are lots of good CMS (content management systems) out there, like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and many more. But deciding which one to choose is a very vital question. Here are some of the most important things you need to consider before choosing a CMS for your website:

1. User-Friendly CMS
2. Themes & Plugins Availability
3. Design Options
4. CMS Cost
5. Ease To Manage

If you ask us, we recommend WordPress, because of its open-source software, ease to access, and highly popular among web designers. Not only WordPress powers around 44% of all the websites on the internet.

What are the main benefits of having a business website?

There are many advantages to having a business website. Some of them are:

1. Websites are easily accessible on the web

2. Websites build a solid relationship between customer and owner

3. You can showcase your products/services digitally online

4. Your website works for you 24/7/365 days

5. Websites grow your online business and get your more clients

How many hours does it take to build a website?

The timing depends on several factors like setting up a domain and connecting hosting, configuring themes and plugins (apps), website design and layout, site security and safety, testing, and many more.

If you ask for a particular timing, then we’ll say it varies between around 24 hours to 10 business days.


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