Here’s why….

In the present era of Information and Communication Technology, Mobile Phone is not an exception but a necessity. Moreover, Cell Phones are so convenient that their absence causes inconvenience.

Some Interesting Statistics about Mobile-friendly Websites

As per facts and figures revealed in the recent survey

• 47% of people feel annoyed when they don’t find a mobile-friendly website.

• 66% of users of the internet are more inclined to buy from a mobile-friendly website rather than a non-mobile-friendly one.

• Retention is more in a Mobile-friendly website. 72 % of people responded that when they visited the mobile-friendly website, they were more likely to return to the same website a second time.

• 50% of the people responded that even if they like a particular business, the chances of visiting the website are higher when there is a mobile-friendly website.

• 51% of web traffic is through mobile phones. This is not the end – It is expected to reach 90% in the near future.


Why are Internet users Switching to Mobile-friendly Websites?

In the present era of Mobile Technology, approximately 1.2 billion people on this planet are accessing the internet via mobile devices. It is incredible – 80% of all internet users use a Smartphone. If a person is online it is most likely they are using a Smartphone. The above-mentioned Statistics is related to almost half the story of the mobile phone. There is a lot more to accelerate and explore.

1. Google values and prefers a mobile response

As per the new algorithm update, mobile-friendly websites will be ranked above Desktop websites which are alike in all aspects but are not mobile-oriented websites. Google uplifts the rank of mobile-friendly websites on Search Engine Results Pages for the simple reason that there is high traffic on the internet via mobile phones. Moreover, Google imposes the penalty for websites failing to follow mobile friendliness. You can check for your website on Google mobile-friendly test tools.

2. Mobile Behavior

Some people have switched from desktop traffic to mobile traffic, but their behavior in terms of engagement on web traffic has accelerated. The reason is, that Mobile is within the reach of arms of people for 24 hours and 7 days. Despite the limitation of limited bandwidth in Mobile Phones, people are hyperactive on the internet, visual media, social media, and online shopping when they access the internet via mobile phone. So you can imagine how crucial it is to have a mobile web.

3. Small entrepreneurs are not taking a big leap

As per a recent survey, some gigantic corporations are mushrooming and most of the small businesses have limited growth for the simple reason that 56% of small business websites are mobile-friendly.

What is the lesson?

So if you are a small entrepreneur thinking big, you have a fantastic opportunity to stand apart from the hyper-competition. You just need to design and implement a mobile-friendly website. It is an easy way to gain a competitive advantage.

4. Valuable user experience and a high level of satisfaction

Mobile-friendly website significantly increases Valuable user experience and satisfaction as the user does not have to engage in time-consuming activities- sitting on a chair and opening the Desktop computer. Instead mobile is handy and within the reach of arms- 24 hours and 7 days. Mobile-friendly websites are specifically designed for handheld devices – they fit exactly to the screen size and make the user comfortable. This results in customers experiencing a positive impression and a high level of satisfaction.

5. Load up time

More people use a Smartphone than a desktop computer and Load up time on mobile is faster in the case of a mobile-friendly website than a desktop-oriented website. Mobile websites have a high download speed allowing more browsing and less waiting thus delivering the best possible value.

6. Google’s Place search

Google Place search is more effective via mobile rather than Desktop Computers because they are not handy. If you are driving tirelessly for many hours and you want to know the nearest restaurant you can easily Google the nearest restaurant and reach there for lunch or dinner. The most visible benefit of the mobile-friendly website is you have to use one finger and rest of the nine fingers is at rest.

To sum up, to optimize the use of your business resources, you need a mobile-friendly website.