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In today’s world, email marketing is one of the most popular online marketing tools for every business. It’s very popular because it’s a cost-effective marketing tactic to get more traffic for your website. So in this article, we’ll discuss what is email marketing, how it works and why you should start using it.

What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is a simple process to connect with loyal customers directly through emails. Yes, you can directly email your clients, who subscribed to your newsletter.

You can send daily newsletter emails, promotion emails, special offers emails, company latest information and other engaging content to grab user’s attention.

How to Increase Subscribers List

Email marketing could be very beneficial if you have a large number of subscribers. The more subscribers you have the more it will be beneficial. so let’s discuss how to increase subscribers list.

– Ask Website Visitors

If you want to increase your subscriber’s list then just ask your visitors. You can insert a newsletter form on some important pages of your website and ask your visitors to fill it. In return, you can favor them by providing some useful information like services coupon code, free ebook or other useful resources.

What are the Main Benefits of Email Marketing

Increase Website Traffic

There is no second thought about it that email marketing does help in increasing website traffic. You can build some attractive email templates in minutes using free email marketing software and you can send it to thousands of your loyal subscribers. Your subscribers click on it and will land on your website. ultimately it will increase site traffic.

Increase Conversion Rate

Email marketing is very effective in e-commerce sites as well. You can sell your products, services just over emails. Just put your popular products on email templates don’t forget to put your product link.

Email Marketing is Not Expensive

It is not so much expensive in fact it’s free as you are starting it out. There are lots of online email marketing tools which provides you FREE plan to start out.

Some email marketing tools which provides FREE plan:

– MailChimp
– Elastic Email
– ExpressPigeon
– Aweber (FREE Plan)


If you haven’t started this out we recommend you to go for it. Email marketing is very effective and there are lots of benefits of it which you will start seeing as you go.