It’s high time for traditional businessmen to make a crucial decision with respect to their traditional Marketing Approach. The world is changing and change itself is changing. With the change in technology, Online Marketing has become a norm or necessity today. Now it is not optional to follow Online Marketing, E-mail Marketing, SEO On page SEO, and Off page SEO. Similarly, whether the selling is online or not, but business should have an online presence. The reason is that there is a large chunk of the population that does product research and selection on the internet, but purchases goods from shops. As per a recent survey, 80% of the searches on the internet for products and services are online.

You have to be a go-getter with the new trend of Online Marketing. Otherwise, you would most probably be kicked out of the market. The era of “I don’t care” attitude has gone and those who still rely on it face terrific trouble.

Since the World has become a Global Village due to the intervention of the Internet we would take into consideration Global Statistics of the Internet. On November 14 at 1:40 pm., it was estimated that there were nearly 2.98 billion users of the internet. Further, there are 3.5 billion searches every day. Consumers have endless options. The best way of diverting consumer attention is by interacting with them where they spend significant time-Internet. This means pursuing Web designing along with Content Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. It is important to mention that among all channels of Social Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., Facebook is the most prominent.

Harry, a traditional businessman did not prefer to be online, Social Media Marketing, etc. It was acceptable till 2000 since the internet did not have a profound influence on the lives of the people. It was acceptable. But, when he implemented it in 2007, he thought he was 10 steps ahead but 4 steps back. He could have taken 14 steps ahead if he had adopted online marketing at the appropriate time. Now the Country and World have become Global Markets.

You want to learn from mistakes of Harry –use Web design, Web Maintenance, and other tools like Pay-per-click advertising.

Era of Mobile Web

As per a recent study, 50 percent of a business’s website traffic comes from smartphones. It is further projected that since Smartphone is accelerating and replacing other channel traffic to mobile may increase to 90 percent. Moreover, Average Smartphone users pick it up nearly 1400 times a week. So Mobile web has become common today. Mobile web simply means optimizing the website for mobile search so that customers are comfortable browsing the company website via smartphones.

To increase retention of customer who has transacted with you first time, use e-mail and social media.

Decoding Marketing Myths

• “I have enough customers i.e. I don’t care attitude.” This is the best remark given by traditional businessmen. However, they don’t know that their competitors are adopting the youngest model of online marketing and old customers will fly to Competitor because of more choice, home delivery, and much more comfort and quality. Finally, their business would be hollowed out.

• “Online Marketing is a temporary phenomenon just like VCR was invented and substituted by CD.” Right. But it needs to be mentioned that it has been approximately 15 years internet gained prominence. There will be advancement and the old will replace the new but the internet would never die.

• “I have low sales over the internet.” Very True. However, online marketing will increase the visibility of your business. It may be the probability that your customer has chosen your brand online but he will purchase the product offline. Customers turn to the internet to explore what to purchase, where to go and from whom to buy the goods. Therefore, the presence of the internet increases the visibility of the business. As per a recent survey, 80% of the searches on the internet are for products and services are online. The other reason might be a defect in online marketing.

If you are traditional Businessman, use Web Design along with SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

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