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Do you want great traffic and massive profit for your e-commerce website?

E-commerce Website, the money-making website. Do you need to know exactly the secret behind successful e-commerce Websites? As per a recent survey, if you make customers unhappy, they won’t tell 5 friends – they would tell 500 well-wishers.

However, for the purpose of decoding and demystifying the above-mentioned secret, you have landed on the right page. There are certain must-have E-Commerce Best Practices for your business to generate revenue and become successful.

Designing and optimizing an e-commerce Website is not Rocket Science – You have to edit the word ‘well’ and perform extremely well for great traffic and massive profit.

In the era of Globalization, Liberalization, and Privatization, brands are relying less and less on the local market and perfecting their e-commerce front. Consequently, e-commerce has massively matured.

One of the secrets of a successful e-commerce website is to deliver the best value by delivering the best user experience on your e-commerce website.

Every visitor wants USP to flood in your business website.

The following are the components of a successful e-Commerce website

1. Visitor Engagement on the website

Every day you cannot give surprises to your potential customers by offering new products. But you have to continually engage them every day with something new. This engagement is linked with updating your website daily by:

• Special Offer

• E-Mail Marketing Services

• Pre-orders

Increasing Brand awareness

• New Blog

• Editors Picks

• Adding creativity every day

• Clearance Stock

2. User-friendly Navigation

A Lost visitor would result in lost sales. So, clear navigation is a prime requisite to boost sales. Imagine you are using a Global Positioning System for a house of your well-wisher in a particular locality. In the absence of GPS, if somebody tells the address by left and right instructions it would be quite difficult for you to find your near and dear ones and you might return to your home without meeting them. Similarly, once a potential customer visits your website, he should be able to easily access various pages and sections of the website. Moreover, there should be a swift link back to the shopping cart. It is most crucial for Departmental stores to have hundreds of products.

3. Secured, Error-free, and user-friendly payment Gateway

These features will provide a sense of security to potential customers and thus encourage them to shop on your website and generate more revenue. On the contrary, if the payment system is unsecured, a potential customer will never turn back irrespective of the fact that the website is highly interactive. Moreover, prefer to use a merchant account that your potential customer is comfortable with.

4. Social Media Presence

Social media indirectly boosts the branding and revenue generation of a company. In the present era, Customers may or may not visit the website but they always access Social Media. Consequently, Social Media is one of the most effective ways of marketing as it facilitates infotainment. The customer is entertained along with accessing more information. Further, it also works as a Customer Support System for handling their queries. As per a recent survey, 25 percent of online purchases mint money because of the effective presence of online stores on Social Media Sites.

5. Apt Balance between Quality sites and quality products

Imagine both extreme situations: You have a high-quality product but the website is poorly designed and on the other extreme you have spent hundreds of pounds on website design but you have poor quality or substandard products. Both these conditions are unhealthy for business to grow. To conclude, both a reasonable design of the website and a reasonable quality of goods are necessary.

6. Trust Marks for Trust Building

Trustmarks are small logos in the form of images that assure a secured guarantee by an external party. GEOTRUST, McAfee, TRUSTe, ETC. are such trust marks.

7. Newsletter Subscription

“If you want to propose to an unknown girl seen the first time, the most crucial step is to know her address, otherwise she will disappear.” Similarly to attract, retain, and turn a visitor into a customer, build an e-mail network. Build a mechanism that requires every visitor to enter his e-mail address when he visits your website. In the near future, it would help in branding and promoting your product via this e-mail.

8. Zooming Feature

The customer always wants to feel and touch the product. To some extent, this is possible by adding a Zoom feature on the e-commerce website. It provides a feel of a product. For instance, If you want to purchase a mobile in Physical stores, you would like to see all its functionalities and look at it from different angles. Zooming feature facilitates a unique and virtually real experience for a potential customer.

9. Transparent Mechanism

Online shopping is effective and efficient when insecure visitors are provided with a breadth of transparency on the following issues

a. Purchase Process
b. Delivery Service
c. Warranty
d. Payment Method
e. Other crucial aspects.

When the potential customer is secured on all these fronts then only he would take the initiative to do online shopping

10. Online Chats and Phone numbers for information and trust-building

After landing on an E-Commerce Website and looking for online products, customers search for more information by online chats and phone numbers. Otherwise, it may result in a trust deficit.

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