Optimizing your website content is important. SEO is a constantly changing industry, so keeping our knowledge updated in this field is very important.

There are some common SEO mistakes that you should avoid in you want better traffic and sales for your online business. So here are top 7 most critical SEO mistakes.

1. Choosing Wrong Keywords

One of the most common mistakes marketers are doing is choosing wrong keywords. There is a big difference between smart work and hard work. If you want better and quick results you must choose keywords smartly. This is the most important step if Onsite SEO.

It’s an important task to complete your keyword planning research before going for the next step. You can use some online and FREE keyword planner tools. You can use “Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool” and “SEMrush” tools for getting started.

2. Skipping Meta Title and Descriptions

Meta title and descriptions are important elements of SEO that should not be neglect. Meta title and descriptions can really be beneficial if properly done.

Some quick tips:
Keep your title between 55-60 characters
– Keep your descriptions between 150-160 characters
Don’t repeat keywords

3. Avoiding Regular Site Audits

An SEO audit reviews your site’s performance and checks if your site meets all the expectations of search engine point of view. It will check if:
– Your site is mobile optimize.
Your site navigation is user-friendly.
Website loading speed
– On-page SEO
– Design errors
Content quality

So, stop ignoring regular site audits.

4. Not Using SSL

SSL is known as secure socket layer. SSL used to protect your website by encrypting the connection between your browser and server. It secures all the sensitive information. Although having a valid SSL certificate also helps in getting better search engine results.

According to Google, if you are not using a valid SSL certificate on your website then it will flag your website. And it can also put negative effects on-site SEO. So we recommend you to use a valid SSL for your website as soon as possible.

5. Avoiding Mobile Optimization

According to a recent report, mobile phone users is expected to reach 2.7 billion by 2019 all over the world. So if you are avoiding your mobile users then it could be your big mistake.

Make your website mobile friendly. If your content is not mobile optimized then it will put a negative effect on your website SEO.

6. Forgetting About Image Optimization

Every image of your website needs to be properly optimized. If you want better search rank on google then stop ignoring image optimization. Some points to follow:

– Compress images before uploading it to the website: High Definition images take more time to load and it slows down your website loading speed. And website loading speed should be fast. So we recommended you to compress your website images before uploading it to the website. there are some free tools you can use-

– Optimizilla
– Tinyjpg

– Put proper ALT and Title tags: After compressing the images, the next step is to properly optimize it with ALT and Title tags. Don’t forget to put ALT and Title tag attributes as it will benefit your website SEO.

7. No Fresh Content On The Website

Some businesses know how much a blog is important for a website and they put their quality time and effort in writing fresh and useful articles. While others just ignore it.

Small or large business, a blog is very important for every website. It helps you boost your organic traffic and increasing client engagement.

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