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The time is now. the world of SEO is continually changing at the lightning speed. You should have better planning, strategies for your business.

If you are rethinking of better SEO strategies, you are at a good place. We can guarantee that these 35 SEO Tips will boost your traffic if you follow them wisely.

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Here are some most important 35 SEO tips and tricks you should keep in mind for better SEO.

1. Always Keep your Title tags under 60 Characters

Title tags describe search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and what the page is all about.

Google displays approximately 55-60 characters of a title tag. So while writing your Title tags, always try to keep them in under 60 characters.
also, be focused on placing some important keywords in your title tags.

Title tags are a very important factor from an SEO point of view.


2. Content is the King of SEO

High-quality and unique content is needed for your website in case you want better SEO. SEO Tips

if the content is fundamentally well written, the user will definitely be pause for some time for consuming the content.

Highly attributed content always gets some new leads and its benefits to website SEO.

3. Importance of Internal Link Building

Internal links are hyperlinks that show other pages of the same domain whenever clicked.

Internal links allow users to navigate a website well. Using Internal links properly improves website ranking. They help spread the link juice around the site which is very important. They take visitors to an important and valuable page.

So it is very important to use Internal Links on your website.


4. Social Media Marketing is the best practice for business

Social Media Presence Tips for Business

Using social media marketing you can increase sales and get more customers.

80% of marketers indicated that their social media efforts increase website traffic.

5. On Page, SEO is the main factor of Website Traffic

On Page, optimization is the most important part of SEO. You can increase website traffic, leads, and sales, by doing better On-Page SEO on the website.

You can better optimize your website according to an SEO point of view.

Advanced ON Page SEO Techniques used to promote your website on Google.

6. Keep a check on your website speed

Website speed is very important. According to the latest study

  • More than 47% of people expect a page to load in less than 2 seconds
  • Quick page load time increases 11% conversion rates
  • More than 40% of people abandon the page if it loads in more than 3 seconds

Some Quick Tips:-

  1. Use a fast hosting server
  2. Use a CDN (Content delivery network)
  3. Use a better caching plugin (Try WP Fastest Cache)
  4. Add Content Expiry Headers
  5. Choose a better lightweight theme
  6. Deactivate the plugins that you no longer need
  7. Don’t ignore Image optimization
  8. Minify CSS and JS (Also Put CSS at the top and JS at the bottom)
  9. Fix all Broken links
  10. Clean up Database

For Quick page load time, remove everything that slows down your website.


7. Make Sure your content is fresh and valuable

Unique and Fresh Content

To make a website appear on top of the search results is one of the hardest jobs for everyone. There is no magic to bring genuine traffic to your website.

however, search engine always rewards website that publishes fresh and useful content for their visitors.

a site that has some unique and fresh content will always gain more exposure in search results.


8. Don’t forget to include a location in your keywords-SEO

This is the best way if you want to increase your business in the Local area and grab some local clients.

For example, if you offer graphic design services in London. So it’s a good idea to include “London” in your website keyword.

So finally your keyword phrase will look like “Graphic Design services in London“.


9. How to do Proper Image Optimization for SEO

Image Optimization for SEO

You just can’t ignore Image optimization for your website.

All your website images should be optimized well with proper “Alt Tag”, “Image Size” and “Image title”.

1) Un-optimized Image example:
<img src=”xyz.jpg” alt=”da231″ title=”dads-da”/>

2) Optimized Image example:
<img src=”myimagename.jpg” alt=”myimage description” title=”myimage tooltip”/>

For WordPress Users: WordPress gives an option in which whenever you upload an image to your WordPress site, you can set the image “Title” and “Alt tag”.


10. Always Include keywords in page permalink structure

Some sites use numbers and short words (ex. ?p=25, abs.html, xyz.html) in their permalink structure. Don’t ever do this. That’s Bad in the case of SEO and also doesn’t look good.

Make sure your page’s permalink includes at least 2-3 keywords. and always try to use better and clearer permalink.

For example:-

1) Bad Permalink Structure:


2) Good Permalink Structure:



11. Use Short URL

Does Url shortener impact your Website SEO?

Yes, they do only if your URL structure is more than 100+ characters. if your URL structure is already less than 50-60 characters then you don’t need to take a headache.

Short URLs are easier to copy, paste, embed, and share on social media. So always try to use approximately 50-60 characters in the URL.


12. Update your Website Content Frequently

Update your Website Content Frequently

Search engines want Fresh website content. if you provide fresh and unique content frequently then search engines like Google will definitely reward you in terms of better search ranking.

For this, you need to keep updating your content. that’s why Directories (like Wikipedia) and blogs do well and get better search results.  because they constantly update their content.


13. Does domain Age really matter?

Domain age is quite important in SEO.

The key point here is an Old domain that has been already well established earned a good reputation and great trust from Google as compared with a new domain that is not established well.

Stop changing your domain name. Choose a better domain name and move on.


14. Don’t forget to check for Canonicalization issues

Canonicalization is essential to creating an optimized website.

First, you need to decide what should be your full domain URL.

Is it should be:


Or It should be:


In simple words, Your domain should contain “www” or it should not. If you want “www” before your domain URL, then don’t forget to 301 redirect another one to it.

For example: if “www.yourdomain.com/” is your preference then “http://yourdomain.com/” should redirect to it.


15. Don’t Ignore external links

Don’t Ignore External links and outbound Links

External links are very important. it tells Google and other search engines that this site is a trusted authority on its particular topic (field).

An example of External links:- 

<a href=”http://www.external-site.com/” title=”link anchor text title”>Link Anchor Text</a>

External links are basically “a vote” to another site. Top SEOs believes that external links also affect on website’s better ranking and it’s one of the important source of ranking power.


16. Importance of Social Media in Website Ranking

Importance of Social Media Presence in Website Ranking

Today, most people don’t go to Google and find your stuff and services. they use social media platforms instead. 

Social media plays a major role in website ranking, business reputation, and user trust. Link your website to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Quora, Linkedin, YouTube, and other social platforms State search engines, and what websites are credible and should show on search results.

Social media also helps you increase your website traffic and page views. according to a recent survey, social media can improve your search ranking by twice if you have a good sharing plan and you do stick to the plan.


17. Remove unnecessary outbound links from the Website

An outbound link is one of the important sources of ranking power. We have already told you, Why Outbound links are important. But make sure you do not include too many or unnecessary outbound links to your website.

Add outbound Links to these websites only which will be helpful for your visitors. if your visitors don’t find healthy and useful information from external sites it will be a downvote from your visitors to your site.

So always pay some extra attention while adding outbound links to your site.


18. Is blog commenting helpful?

Blog commenting can be referred to as leaving comments on relevant websites and blogs

Blog commenting is the easiest and a pristine way to get the backlink to your website. It is a very effective way to get some genuine traffic to your website.

Thinks to keep in mind while Blog commenting:-
1. Find some best blogs in your territory to comment on
2. A blog should be reputed and active all the time
3. A blog should have good page rank

You can use http://dropmylink.com/ site:- http://dropmylink.com/ is one of the best and highly recommended blog commenting service.
in which users (active site members) can easily find the right blog to comment on.


19. Why Focus on Long Tail Keywords?

Deciding keywords is an important task. Long tail keywords can help a business to show up in search engine results. Long tail keywords are four, five, six, or even more words, particularly in that phrase.

Let’s say you have a business which sells “shoes” in London, UK. When you type “shoes” in Google search engine you will find high competition for that particular keyword.

Here the idea is, that you can use Long tail keywords here. like, for example, you can use “New shoe collection in London“. You can see there is less competition here when you use long-tail keywords.


20. Is Blogging important for your business?

You just don’t need traffic, you need the right kind of traffic.

Blogging is important for every business. Blogging gives you the right visitors you need for your business.
Blog increases your website traffic and SEO.

Fresh content is the key to success so that blog is the best key to beating out your competitors. A study shows If you don’t have a blog for your business you are already losing 50% of your visitors.


21. Your Website should be mobile-responsive

Your website design should be adaptive and it should look good on each type of device like mobile devices, tabs, or big PC.

Google stated that responsive website is important and might get a ranking boost in their search engine.

Some big companies also use the mDot(“m”) in different domains to serve their mobile users. they have different HTML and CSS responsive codes for mobile users.

Responsive websites also reduce bounce rate, it equals better search ranking.


22. Target to be in the top 3, not just the top 10

Always try to be the best in your particular zone. if your website comes on the 1st page of search ranking for a specific keyword that’s good, but if your website comes in the top 3 search results, that’s Great!

You should aim to be in the top 3 search results because lots of visitors don’t click on 5,6,7 or more search results on google search results page.

According to recent research if your website comes on 1st page of google but isnt ranked in the top 3 search positions, you are missing 90% traffic for that particular keyword.


23. Create some Videos for your business

Create a video for your online business

Ranking of a website in the long term is not about building large no of links it’s about creating fresh and helpful content. Videos are some of the best teachers. a learner can learn better by watching videos all the time.

It’s a better idea to create some quick videos for your online business. They increase the time, people spend on your website also they allow you to get some quick external links from video-sharing websites.

We have already told you how important external links are for your website.

If used properly, videos can be extremely powerful content and can help you get a better search ranking.


24. How to Properly use heading tags to get more search engine traffic

Heading Elements: There are 6 types of Heading Elements- H1 element to H6 element.

Heading tags are an outdated SEO factor but these are very useful in getting better search traffic if you use them properly. Some quick tips:-

1. H1 is the most important title of your web page, you should use only one H1 Element on a page or article.
2. You can use more than one H2 Element on a single page (you should use 3 to 6 H2 elements if your article has 500+ words in length.)
3. Use h2 Elements for useful links groups, group template navigation, etc (You can use more than one h2 element on a single page or article).


25. Make sure Every page has an internal link

Internal Links play a Vital role in SEO.

Make sure every page of your website has an internal link. This means every page should be linked to at least one other page of the same domain.

Search engines don’t include pages in their search results that don’t have any internal or external links.


26. Never consider your website to be finished

As Google is improving its search ranking algorithms, you should be updated about all SEO News and trends.

you should add new and fresh content, and articles whenever possible because the search engine wants fresh content. This is the secret to better search ranking.

If you want new customers, new inquiries and better search ranking you should update your website frequently.


27. Ask customers to review on Google+ and other social platforms

Positive reviews improve your Google search local listing. and it also attracts some real customers.

Your business should be trusted reliable and friendly. and you should have some real customers to prove it.

Your business should have better reviews on:

  • Google
  • Freeindex
  • Yell
  • And other popular directory sites.

Your business should have more than 90% positive reviews.


28. Use rich snippets

The appearance of your listing on various search engines is known as “rich snippets“.

For a better rich snippets view you should use eye-catching meta titles and descriptions and you can also use starts in search listing will tend to increase the click-through rate for your listing.


29. Social media sharing plan to boost website traffic

Social media are really helpful and they can double your website traffic If you have a smart frequent sharing plan. Ideally, you should share 2 times your article when it is first posted on your site. here are the full details of the sharing plan you can follow:

Best Practices for social media sharing:-

Twitter – 3 times per day
Facebook – 2 times per day
Linkedin – 1 time per day
Google+ – 3 times per day, or more

The more often you post, the more activity you will get.


30. Keep updated with SEO news and trends

SEO News and Google Trends

Often Google surprises us with some major algorithm updates that play a significant role in search results. You need to keep updated with all search engine news and trends. As 2017 is near, Google might change the functionality of its search algorithm anytime.

You can read some big sites in this field: SEOmoz, SearchEngineLand.com, and searchenginewatch.com to keep updated in SEO all the time.


31. Use Google’s Related Searches to Find Targeted Keywords

When you type something into Google, it shows you “Searches related to Your query”. Because these topics are hot and trending in that particular area.

For example if I search for “SEO Tips” then Google shows me some cool suggestions, and they are:

The related suggestions are very beneficial for targeting unique and real traffic.


32. SEO is useless if you have a weak call to action

You win the war to bring unique visitors to your website, Now if you are not able to convert them into your customers it’s all wasted.
Here “Call to Action” comes.

Call-to-action buttons play a vital role and are really useful in terms of website conversion rates. conversions rate is the number of people who take some action on your call to action button or on website content that helps you grow your business.

SEO is weak and useless if you don’t have a clear and non-existent call to action.


33. Check your site against broken links

When you normally click on a link that is supposed to take you somewhere (internal or external domain), instead it takes you to a 404 error page. this is called a broken link.

Broken links can lead to decreasing SEO traffic for your website. google hates broken links, so you should always check your website for broken links. You can use the “Broken Link Checker” WordPress plugin to scan your website for all broken links.

You can use the “Broken Link Checker” WordPress plugin to scan your website for all broken links.

It would be better to remove all broken links as soon as possible.


34. Focus on a single keyword phrase for a single page

This technique works well if you use it in a proper way. it gives your page extra SEO weight. Don’t optimize a single page with multiple keywords, always focus on a single keyword phrase and optimize the page well.

Don’t optimize a single page with multiple keywords, always focus on a single keyword phrase and optimize the page well.

A search engine like Google also understands and prefers the single keyword phrase better as a comparison with multiple keyword phrases.


35. Use current or next year in the Title

For certain queries, searchers often search use in the year.

Like, For example, he wants to search “Best SEO Tips and Tricks” then lots of users also searches “Best SEO Tips and Tricks in 2016”. Using this trick gives you a Long tail keyword. so that the user can get a better specific filtered result.

We have already written SEO tips- how long tail keywords can help you get better search engine traffic.

Don’t forget to update the date after next year. 😉


Final thought

2017 will be tough, but if you follow all the tips wisely and work according to a proper plan, your website will definitely get a better rank in a search engine like Google.

Always remember, SEO is not a single-day process, you need to keep patience and work each and every day. We have already ranked many sites at the top of Google, You can CONTACT US at any time, we would be more than happy to help.

Now it’s your turn to better rank your website. 

As a Blogging Guy, what is the most difficult work in SEO? You can share your thoughts in the comment area.

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