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Instagram currently has more than 1 billion active users and if your business is not on Instagram by now, you are probably missing a large no. of potential customers. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms amongst Facebook and Twitter.Lots of big and small businesses are promoting their products and services on Instagram. Having an Instagram account is a must if you sell your products online. So here are top 5 marketing tips to grow your online business and brand on Instagram.

1. Take Advantage of Instagram Business Tools

Instagram provides some useful feature in business profile account. For example, you can add your business email, contact no., location and some cool call to action buttons which you can use to put your business website URL. Not only that you can also track details analytics report of all the posts you share on Instagram.

2. Schedule Your Instagram Posts

Consistency is the key. With more than 15 million business profiles, it not that easy to rise about the noise. Scheduling your Instagram posts has lots of benefits like it encourage customer engagement, your posts will get more followers and etc. Some quick tips:

– Posting one Instagram post daily provides more benefits
– The best time to post is between 7-9pm (Aim for non-working hours)
– Evening time (3-4pm) is worst for user engagement

3. Use The Power of Hashtags

Don’t ignore hashtags in your posts. Hashtags allow users to find the content very easily. If you want people to find your product and services and then don’t ignore the power the hashtags. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Around 5-6 relevant hashtags are way better than 20-25 random ones. Also just ensure you don’t spam it. ALways use the hashtags which are relevant to your Instagram post image.

4. Post-Beautiful Visuals

This network is all about images and videos. The whole platform was created to let users share their pictures and videos. No sharing links, no web URL, no articles. So beautiful visuals are very crucial in it.

5. Use Calls-to-action Button

Whether you want your visitors to visit your website, buy products, download e-book or any other content. An eye-catching call-to-action button can do the job here.

But the platform is slightly tricky, it only allows you to put a single link in your bio. So you just can’t put an external link in your images captions, descriptions, comments etc.

“Link in Bio”


But you can put your link in your profile bio and you can let your users know where the link actually is using the “Link in bio” feature.

Now It’s Time to Dive into Instagram Marketing

These are 5 vital Instagram marketing tips that can surely benefit your business. If you need further assistance then do contact us here.