Conversion is the primary key to make an online business successful. If you think your conversion rate is subpar then first check these main points:

– Do you have a beautifully designed website?
– Are you getting a good amount of traffic from SEO and social media marketing?
– Do you have a good online reputation?

And even after all of this, your visitors are not turning into customers, then read further. Because in this article we’ll discuss the top 4 reasons your website isn’t converting.

1. You are not providing your users a chance to convert

If you think that all the traffic and all the potential opportunities are going to waste then first have a complete look into your website. If the only opportunity you have is your low-converting contact form on your contact page, then it’s a big problem for you.

Make your website’s contact forms super easy to find. You can put them in pages sidebar, in the footer, and in good design pop up. Give your users some more opportunity to contact you.

2. Stop using low converting contact forms

The second step is to start using high-converting contact forms. So that your visitors don’t feel bored while filling out these forms. one of the great examples of this is “Leadformly”. Which lets you create high-converting leadforms into your website and increase your conversion rate up to 200%.

If you are not getting enough qualified leads for your business then this is the best solution.

3. Your website is not Optimize for Mobile Devices

Making a website mobile friendly should be your number one priority. If your website is not mobile optimize, then you will lose your mobile customers. A mobile user quickly gets frustrated if:

– A website takes too much time to load
– The website layout is not good on mobile devices
– Too many popups
– Bad navigation menu placement
– Unresponsive contact form

The statistics of mobile users are increasing each and every day. Not having a mobile responsive website could be one of the main reason of low converting rate.

4. You are not targetting the right audience

Improper targeting can ruin your chances to get high conversion rate. If your marketing goal is to target all type of audience then you’re on the wrong path. Targeting the correct people is more important.

The best solution is to focus on organic traffic. It is way much better than paid traffic. Organic traffic provides the best ROI (Return on investment).

These are the top 4 main reasons for subpar conversion rate. If you think any of these reasons also apply to your business as well, then start working on it and you will see an improvement in your conversion rate.

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