SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a process to optimizing the content of your website so that it can grain more traffic, more clients and ultimately more sales. The leading search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEO is a process of improving a website search ranking so that a website gets higher ranking on big these search engines.

Here are 11 positive benefits of SEO and why your business should need SEO.

1. SEO drives organic web traffic

There are no benefits if a person looking for a shoe lands on a food delivery website, right? Here, SEO power is very useful. Why? because of SEO pulls-in quality web traffic. Not only SEO boost your website traffic but it also delivers organic traffic.

2. SEO boost your business sales and leads

SEO traffic comes from the people who find your links on search engines so you will always get the quality web traffic. So when you get the main people on your website, who are actually looking for the products and services you guys provide then it will ultimately increase your business sales and leads.

3. SEO is a long-term investment

Do you remember the phrase ‘slow and steady wins the race’? same goes for SEO. You will not see your website on the first page of google, overnight. It takes time. The SEO process is a long-term strategy which takes time to grow but once you’re business there you will get lots of benefits for a long time.

4. SEO is better than Paid marketing

SEO is way better than PPC and paid marketing, because:
– People are more likely to click on search engine links.
– SEO results are permanent.
– SEO provides organic results.
– SEO increase trust and credibility.

5. SEO is cheap and measurable

Small or big businesses, getting started with SEO is not very much expensive. It is a cost-effective marketing strategy.

You can also measure your conversions deeply. You can measure the progress of your website rankings and search keywords. You can measure short and long tail keywords and you can also focus on target keywords (the most valuable of your business).

6. SEO increase your social media followers

If you’re getting a large number of new visitors to your website, then you can also expect a good number of social media followers. SEO will eventually add-on more social media followers.

7. SEO increase your website’s time-on-site

The longer a visitor stays on your website, the more likely it will benefit your website. When a user comes to your website by clicking on a link he saw from a search engine then it’s obvious he will spend more time on the site. That’s obvious because people trust Google and people will also trust the businesses which are coming to the first page of Google.

8. Increase your mobile users

SEO increase your mobile users and their trust on the site. Mobile is the future of the online web. People are lazy, they don’t want to open a big PC’s and laptop to browse the web. They’ll quickly take their smartphone and start browsing in it. So if your website is not mobile friendly then you will lose lots of mobile customers and search engines favor you for optimizing your website for smartphones.

9. It will help your brand stand out

According to a recent report, more than 44% of clicks come from the first page of Google. and if your website is not on the list then you’ll probably lose lots of customers. There are more than 250 million websites and only SEO can help you stand out from the crowd.

10. Your competitors are already using it

Remember the phrase ‘Eat or be eaten’ same goes for SEO. Your competitors are already using SEO to grow their business. Your competitors have already taken a one step further to get better ranking on search engines. So if you want to take your business to next level, you need the power of SEO.

11. SEO is the best marketing investment you can make

There are much more benefits of SEO that you can even count. It is a smartest and long-lasting marketing investment. It provides you all. More traffic, more sales, more leads and more customers. Eventually, it helps your business grow.

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