Your website is the face of your business. When someone wants to know about your company and services then he can simply come to your website and check for the information he was looking at. Hence your website has the ability to convert your one-time visitors into your full-time customers.

It simply means, taking care of your website is similar to taking care of your business or brand.

A website audit is all about identifying and improve shortcomings of your website. In website auditing, lots of functionalities of your websites are reviewed including website performance, website forms, site health, traffic, navigation, mobile optimization, content etc.

A website audit is very important for your website or brand and Website audit should be done at least every 3 months.

Website Audit Checklist

Website Structure and Layouts

Auditors examine your site design, structure, and layout in multiple devices including desktop, Android (& iPhone), Tab device etc.

If there is any complexity they feel while reading your site content (In desktop or mobile) then they will sort it out.


Right colors and brand elements enhance your user experience. If your website has good branding and colors then users will more likely to trust your business, this will eventually grow your business.

Technical Errors

In this auditor examine and test your website for technical errors including website form error, email issue error, HTTP errors, duplicate page content error, broken links, and other errors. They put a negative effect on your customers and site SEO too.

On-Site SEO Efficiency

In this, your site will be determined of how well it ranks on search engine result pages. The On-site SEO auditor will check your On-site SEO factors including :

Site loading speed
SSL certificate
Mobile optimization
Internal and external links
Meta title and descriptions
– Keyword density
– Canonical URL
Duplicate content review
Sitemap review
– Robots.txt analysis
– And other On-site SEO factors

Off-Site Visibility

Off-site SEO audit checklist points are :
– Domain age and authority
– Webpage authority
– Social media audit
– No. of backlinks

CMS Software Audit

If your website CMS (content management system) become outdated, then it can put your clients and your business at risk. Keeping your website CMS updated is very important for your brand. Here are the main reasons why you should update your CMS :

– Updating your CMS means securing your site
– It will fix some technical bugs and issues
– It will enhance the CMS functionality

Who Needs Website Audit

Small or big, each and every business needs it. If your business has a website, then you should consider doing it every 3 months. It doesn’t matter how much customers you get on your website every month. A website audit can spot problems and it can increase your site conversion rate.

If you’re seeing a drop in your website traffic, conversion rate or ROI then auditing is a must.

Overall a good site audit works for your advantage, your business will continue to grow in terms of traffic, page ranking, sales, and leads. We provide everything from website monitoring to website maintaining. You can simply contact us for more information.

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