Responsive Web Design

Nowadays, people are becoming addicted to smartphones and tablets. No one wants to open his big PC and laptop to surf the web and get the information. People want a quicker and faster way so they choose their smartphone and tablets over PC system.

In this environment, having a responsive website is very important. According to a recent report with over 60% of web queries within search engines like Google, comes from mobile devices. And the mobile responsive website has lots of SEO benefits too. First, Let’s Understand :

What is a Responsive Web Design

A responsive website design adapts to the screen of the device. It automatically scales its content and media to match the screen size. It doesn’t matter which device are you using, a responsive website always looks good and professional on each type of devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops and a big PC’s.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

There are lots of benefits of having a responsive website, some of them are:

1. Decrease Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is related to the time a user spends on a website. For example, let’s suppose a mobile user comes to your website, he reads some content and quickly abandoned the site due to less interest in your website. This will automatically increase the bounce rate of your website, which is not good for your website ranking on search engines.

On the other hand, if users take some deep interest in your website, spend some more time, then it will ultimately decrease your bounce rate. which will benefit your site SEO. So having a clean, crisp, professional and responsive site layout is very important.

2. Improves Website Usability

Responsive website design makes your website much easier to access and navigate for users. Mobile users can easily read website content, navigate and fill out contact forms and other forms.

It improves user experience and trust on your brand. It also increases repeated customers on your site. and ultimately it will also increase your business sales.

Google is a business to satisfying user queries, and when Google notice that a particular website is doing well and it’s providing some positive user experience, then Google also give some positive reward to these websites.

3. Make Social Sharing Easy

Social media can boost your website traffic. And responsive websites make this job easy for you. In responsive websites when a user wants to share a particular article or page, he can find it very easily (At the bottom of an article or sticky sidebar etc.). But in a poorly designed website it’s hard to find social sharing buttons and ultimately it decreases social sharing for non-responsive websites.

4. Fast Loading Speed

Page loading speed is also an important aspect of website ranking on search engine. Google hates a slow loading website.

A responsive website loads much faster on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. On the other hand, a non-responsive and poorly designed website took lots of time to load on mobile.

Some Drawbacks of Non-responsive Websites:

– It decreases website traffic
– It decreases website sales and leads
– Increase website bounce rate
– Make the brand less trustworthy
– Business lost its repeated clients
– It decreases customer engagement

Final Thought

The no. of mobile device users are increasing every day. As a business owner, website designer and developer it’s our duty to make the web a better place to experience.

If your website is not mobile responsive you will lose some important mobile customers. So if you are serious about your online business and want to take it further then make sure your website is responsive. If you need help you can contact us here.

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