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SEO is a constantly changing industry. Small or big every business needs the power of SEO to increase web traffic. It’s nearly impossible to run a business without a proper SEO strategy. But some SEO experts believe in taking shortcuts, and these mistakes often end up costing their website traffic. If you want to build a successful SEO campaign and you a much higher position on Google search engine ranking, then here are top 5 SEO mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Improper website layout and structure

Site structure is one of the most vital aspects of an SEO campaign. Many web developers build their website layout and structure without a proper SEO strategy, which is a terrible idea for their site SEO. It is very important to check everything on a website before starting with the SEO.   On the other hand, a good website structure enhances user experience. If your website structure is good and mobile friendly, then it will achieve a better and higher position on search engine results. Some benefits of good website layout and structure:

  1. It provides your website with site links
  2. It increases bran’s reputation and customer trust
  3. It increases CTR (Click-Through Rate)
  4. It enhances visitor experience on the site

2. Ignoring regular sitemap update

Many SEO experts say, regularly updating sitemap is very crucial. Updating your sitemap regularly speeds up the indexing process of your site. If you want the search engine to re-index and crawl every pages and link to your website then you should update it very often. Basically, when you make some changes on your website like adding some new content, new pages etc. then you have to tell the search engine that some new content has been added to your website and this way the search engine will look into your website again and start indexing and crawling these new pages. Hence it increases the scope of visibility.

3. Migrating a website without a proper SEO plan

Migrating a website to a new platform needs a good planning and hard work. It can be an SEO disaster if don’t do it properly. You might lose some organic website traffic just after the migration process, as Google needs some time to process the change and re-indexing your website URLs accordingly. So if you don’t want to lose your organic website traffic then, here are some quick points you need to keep in mind when redesigning your website. – Keep the same web pages URLs. – Find and fix the broken links. – Update all the internal links. – Properly test your website on a test server before migrating it to live server. – Update your website sitemap.

4. Overloading a website with Popups and Interstitials

Yes, pop-ups ads are a great tool for catching the visitors attention and improving website conversions. But too many popups and interstitials can harm your website SEO. They put a negative effect on your website SEO. It’s not like you should not use any popup and interstitials in your website, instead, you can use them intelligently without risking your SEO. Here are some quick tips: – Don’t use a content-covering popup (Google hates them). – Avoid window popups that open as soon as a visitor clicks on your page. – Intrusive lightbox popups – Use timely popups on a desktop (But hide them on mobile devices, as the mobile screen is already very short in size)

5. Ignoring mobile optimization

The numbers of mobile users are increasing each and every day, and you just can’t ignore them. In today’s world more and more people are browsing the internet through their mobile phones, not with desktops or laptops. According to a recent report, In 2018, 52% of all worldwide online web traffic was generated through mobile devices. So not considering mobile users is actually a bad idea. Google has also released a mobile-specific algorithm that helps SEO experts to monitor and track the performance of a particular website on a mobile device. You can also test your website’s mobile performance on free online tools like Pingdom and GTmetrix. You can also check your website loading time on mobile. So, these are 5 SEO mistakes every new business make. Make sure you focus on these important 5 points while designing your new business website. You can also contact us to manage your SEO campaign.


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